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Julie Wunderlich,
High Vibe 

I had 2 readings/sessions with Marcie, and both were incredible! She confirmed for me a lot of what's going on right now/where I'm hoping to go and feel I ought to make great strides. Her style is intensely supportive and she holds space beautifully for her clients! She also uses spreads that fit very well with your questions, and makes use of several gorgeous decks along the way (I'm a very visual gal). Thank you so much, Marcie!!


Grace Gonzalez, Musician at Mantra Grooves + Yoga Teacher

The best thing about Marcies reading was it was empowering. She gave me practical insights and the direction I had been needing. Besides being incredibly intuitive she is so warm and sensitive that I felt comfortable immediately. I loved how she is direct in the way an honest friend would be because they want only the best for you. If you have never had a reading or have had many. You will walk away feeing clearer, happy, and ready to make the changes you have wanted to make in your heart. 


Shana Goldman,
Actress + MUA

It took me awhile to find the right person to trust with my reading and to feel and honest vibe from and from the instant I met Marcie to after the reading/coaching session I had, I felt lifted and supported. I really enjoyed my session with her and look forward to more sessions with her in the future. She made me feel very comfortable and was real with me. She knew what she was talking about and I left feeling much better about a certain situation I’m currently in. I highly recommend her.

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