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Reframe Your Perceptions To Live A More

Joy Filled &
Harmonious Life

I'm here to guide & support you as you grow & transform
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What it would feel like if your dreams came true?

What it would  feel like if you could change your beliefs about who you are?

If you could you create a happier more elevated life?

These are questions often asked when we're looking to transform into a better, more whole version of ourselves.

We define ourselves by the stories and the events we have experienced and often create definitions of ourselves as seen through a lens of past pain  ...but it doesn't have to be that way!

I want to guide you create a tool box that you can draw from to support you in shifting back to a higher vibration and learn to access answers from within.

Holistic Life Coaching & Transformational Tarot

I use Tarot as an archetypal framework in my coaching to support you in creating healthy change that lasts and helps shift you toward a more grounded, purpose-filled, happier perception of your everyday world.

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Start Your Journey Now

Get inspired to...

Shift Your Awareness And Begin To Thrive, Create New
Healthy Patterns, Releasing Old Paradigms Of Thought And Behavior

Learn To Perceive More Clearly So That You Can Make Better Choices and Create A More Joyful Life

Tap Into Your Intuition To Make Informed Choices That Create More Ease, Grace & Freedom

Hi I'm Marcie 

Founder of High Vibe Tarot

My fondest wish is for your happiness and growth!


We will work together to achieve your joyful potential. I will act as a compassionate guide as you transition into a more awesome version of you!


My intention is to inspire you to see your own value, beauty, goodness, strength, talent and creativity; to reflect back to you the vibrance of who you really are.

In our heart based sessions, we will connect authentically to dissolve fears through forgiveness of our self and others.  We will positively transform old ideas and habits that no longer serve your highest good.


We will explore new and exciting territories, as we expand past limiting beliefs and perceptions.


These shifts will translate into purposeful changes in areas of relationship, health, prosperity, confidence and major life transitions.


I would be so grateful to co-create an abundant new reality with you! Connect with me to start the conversation. I look forward to our first meeting! 


With Love, Marcie!

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Learn More About Me


Marcie has a phenomenal innate sense when it comes to reading body language and assessing challenges. With a focus on the remedy, she also inspires you to deal with your present reality in a more peaceful manor allowing you to gain deeper insights into your soul. 


Kaiya Krikstan, Artist + Student

Marcie Lakin is a genuine and lovely intuitive card reader. She is patient and holds space for you to do what you need to do, to be present. I am beyond grateful that we crossed paths and I will be going back to her for readings. I felt supported and I believe because of that I was able to absorb so much from her reading. No words can really explain the experience I had with her!


Michelle Alva, Tantric Coach

I am so grateful for her kind and intuitive nature. She is able to tune into my needs and guide me to focus on key areas of my life that needed to be prioritized. I am forever grateful to Marcie and recommend her to bring out your best!

Rona Witek, Mrs. Florida 1997

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